How To: Understand the Setup Options in HHT2

HHT2 is not enabled by default.
Training must be completed before using the HHT2 functionality.
Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

  1. Pressing the HHT2 options button button in the main menu screen allows the user to configure the device for use:

    HHT2 Options

  2. The Options button in the sub-screen allows the user to select different setup options:

  3. The options are as follows:
    • Require Adjustment Reasons: requires the user to select a reason when carrying out a stock adjustment.
    • Scan Batch Code (or select): for use with systems that have stock batch control enabled. When ticked, the user will need to enter or select a batch code when booking batch controlled items in.
    • Show Picking Tray Summary: controls whether the device will show a tray summary when picking batches of orders.
    • Auto Assign Item to Location: when ticked, the system will automatically assign an item to the correct location when booking in. When unticked, the user needs to select a location.
    • Picking Complete Stage: a dropdown used to select which stage an order should be moved to after picking is complete
    • Picking - enforce scanning location: when ticked, the user must scan the picking location as well as the item, when picking an item.
    • Enable Pack Boxes: when ticked, adds the facility to add new packing poxes as a pick is carried out.
    • Picking - Enforce Scanning Stock: when ticked, the stock item being picked must be scanned or manually entered.
    • Goods In - Supplier Filter: enables outstanding POs to be filtered by supplier on the Goods In screen.
    • Enable Stock Item Date Stamping: enables the ability to date stamp incoming stock items
  •  The Data button is used to select which data relating to locations and stock items is displayed on the device screens:

  • HHT2 Options Data

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