How To: Assign Stock from Another Site

This option should be used when stock is to be assigned to the item(s) selected from another site.

  1. Open [ Sales Invoice | Detail | Back Order (Stock Assignment) ] tab.
  2. Untick the check boxes as required and click on Go.
  3. Focus on the stock item line requiring stock to be assigned from another site.
  4. Click the BtnAssignFromOtherSite.jpg button.
  5. Select the required site from the drop-down menu and click 'OK'.
  6. Click 'Yes' if the user wishes to assign all available stock or 'No' to select a quantity.
  7. If 'No' was selected, enter the required quantity and click 'OK'.

Note: Remember to check the stock level for stock assignment from an alternative site, right click and select Show Expected Supplier Deliveries... then change the site filter.

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