How To: Re-value your stock using Adjustments

It is possible to change the value of a number of your stock controlled items, for example to zero, so that the change will be reflected in future Average Stock Value calculations. This means when the history of the item is reviewed to calculate the Average Stock Value the last entry will be the full qty being adjusted in at the value entered, for example zero, and will affect the calculation accordingly.

Please read the instructions below before following carrying them out.

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Stock Adjustments | Adjustments ] screen.
  3. Load the stock items, this can be:
  4. In the Adjust to column enter 0.
  5. Add a Note or Reason.
  6. Click on the Save - post all adjustments to stock control system button above the grid.
  7. Load the stock items again.
  8. Adjust the full stock qty back into the system, ensuring that you enter the original quantity in the Adjust to column.
  9. Change the stock value to the new stock value, for example zero.
  10. Add a Note or Reason.
  11. Click on the Save - post all adjustments to stock control system button above the grid.


  • Items which have a zero stock value will trigger a warning when issuing Sales Invoices containing the item, if this warning is enabled in [ System Values | Invoice Management ].
  • When using the Deferred Cost Of Sale facility, any items with zero value will not be displayed on the report, as the system deems them to have nothing which requires posting. Only at such time as the stock record has a stock value will the items appear.
  • This is not supported when using Warehouse Control.
  • You may wish to print out the information in the grid before making the adjustments, see Print Grid or Send to Notepad.

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