How To: Associate Stock for Future Orders

It is possible to associate stock coming in on future purchase orders with sales orders that have a delivery date in the future, so existing stock can be used for more urgent orders. If existing stock has already been assigned to these future orders, then this will have to be unassigned first.

Back Order (Stock Assignment) screen

Here is where you can unassign stock en-masse:

  1. Open the [ Back Orders (Stock Assignment) ] screen.
  2. Green-select the line(s) for the items you wish to unassign.
  3. Click on the BtnSIMBOManUnAssignSk.jpg Manual Unassignment button.
  4. In the popup, enter a quantity greater than the highest quantity assigned to any of the lines you have selected and click OK.
  5. With the same lines selected, click on the BtnSIMBOPostSkX.jpg Postpone Assignment button to prevent the system from reassigning any of your existing stock while you are working on these orders.
  6. The lines will turn yellow.
  7. Focus on the first postponed line and go to the Sales Order using the context menu

Sales Order screen

The next step is to associate the stock items on the sales order with those on a future dated purchase order:

  1. The postponed lines will be highlighted in yellow.
  2. Focus on the first postponed stock item and right click.
  3. Select Stock Assignment then Back Orders then Create Associations from the context menu.
  4. In the dialog, select the Purchase Order you wish to create the association with.
  5. Repeat for other lines and other orders as required.

The orders that have had associations created in this way will now not have any existing stock allocated to them. So long as they remain postponed, any orders for the same stock item that are booked in before the associated Purchase Order will be ignored. Only stock from the associated Purchase Order will be allocated.

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