How To: Create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order for items that are in stock

A Purchase Order can be created from a sales order even if the items on the sales order have stock available to fulfil the customer's requirements. It might be that the customer does not want the items until later or they may wish all their items to be delivered at the same time allowing you to use the available stock for other customers. If necessary the items can be delivered directly to the customer.

  1. Create the sales order, see How To: Create a New Sales Order.
  2. Green-select all the lines you wish to order.
  3. Right click in the grid and select Stock Assignment then Postpone Assignment [On].
  4. In the information popup click on Yes.
  5. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button to save the sales order and enter an audit reason in the popup.
  6. Green-select the item(s) that are being ordered from the same supplier.
  7. Click on the button.
  8. Select the supplier from the supplier lookup.
  9. In the Confirm popup:
    • Click Yes if you wish the items to be delivered directly to the customer.
    • Click No if you wish the items to be delivered to you.
  10. The purchase order will be displayed.
  11. Repeat from step 6 for each supplier.


  1. The user can view a purchase order from the sales order it was created from by focusing on the line, right-clicking and selecting Goto then Goto Purchase Order (BO)....
  2. When the Sales Order is saved it will be placed into Awaiting Stock and when the Purchase Order is booked in the stock is assigned to the Sales Order which is them moved into Released and it can then be processed as normal. If the sales order is still awaiting another purchase order it will remain in Awaiting Stock depending on any Invoice Rules you have setup.

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