How To: Buy by the Case and Sell Individually

To allow users to purchase packs or cases of stock items and then sell these individually, two stock items need to be set up. In the scenario listed 'Triple Choco chocolate bars' are bought in packs of 48 but sold individually.

Note: You can also use Reorder Multiples to do this, see How To: Set Up Reorder Multiples.


  1. Create the child stock item, for example 'Triple Choco chocolate bars', see How To: Create a New Stock Item. This is the stock item that will be sold.
  2. Create build type stock item, for example for example 'Triple Choco Pack'. Add the stock item created in step 1 as the child item setting the Quantity to be the number in the pack or case (48 in the above example). See How To: Create a Build. This is the stock item that will be used for purchasing.


  1. Create a purchase order and add the build parent, for example 'Triple Choco Pack'. The quantity should be for the quantity of packs to be ordered, for example quantity of one as we require 48 individual items.
  2. Deliver the pack into stock.
  3. The pack will then need to be split down into the child components, see How To: Un-build a Built Item. This will un-build the built stock item and add the child items back into stock. In the example one case of 48 chocolate bars were ordered, delivered and the pack was then un-built and 48 'Triple Choco chocolate bars' were put into stock and available for sale as normal.
    Note: if you don't wish to sell the pack stock item used for purchasing, tick the Sales Order Held option on the [ Stock | Detail | Options ] tab.

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