How To: Unbuild a Built Item


Users may wish to unbuild items for a number of reasons, for example:

  • The parent item was built by mistake; or
  • Separate components from a built item (that can be sold individually) are needed to fulfil other sales orders; or
  • One or more of the parent item's components are needed to enable something else to be built.


The user must already have a parent item, that has been both created and built in Khaos Control, before they can un-build it (see How To: Create a Build).

The user must maintain the following areas to keep accurate cost of sale figures when unbuilding:

  1. Keep the correct fractional stock value for all child items within a build.
    For example, consider a build item that is a case containing 1,000 individual child items. If you purchased the box from your supplier for £100.00, and the stock value of that box was determined to be £100.00, then each item in the case should have a stock value of 10p defined against it.
  2. The stock value on the child item must be maintained.
    Continuing with the above example, if the stock value increased to £150.00 per case of 1,000 (i.e.50% increase) then the the child items stock value needs to be updated by the same proportion (i.e.50%, taking the child item's stock value from 10p to 15p)

Note: This is essential if the unpacked items are going to be repacked into alternative quantities. For example you buy a case of 1,000 that is then re-packed into boxes of 100, 250, 500 etc.

Un-Build a built item

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Select a build parent item and, from the [ Stock | Detail | Relationships ] tab:
  3. Click on the the unbuild parent stock items button button.
  4. Enter how many items you wish to un-build into the dialog box.
  5. Press the OK button to confirm (or press Esc to cancel).

Note: If the AutoSetValueProp1.jpg has been set/defined then when a user un-builds a parent item it's stock value will be used to set the child items stock value based on the value proportion value. So if a build parent was created by 2 child items worth £1 each then its value would be £2. For whatever reason if the parent value is changed, e.g to £3, and then the parent is unbuilt with that value the child items stock value would be updated to £1.50. This assumes the value proportion was 50% each and had not been amended by the user.

Error Messages

Should one or more child stock items have zero value proportion, the stock parents stock value is not zero but the child items is (or if the child's stock value is greater than the parents stock value), attempting to unbuild a stock item will result in the following error message:

For stock to be successfully unbuilt, each child stock item should have a value proportion set against it (the Value Proportion page explains how to set value proportions) and this should total to a value less than the parent's stock value (if set).

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