System Values Auto build

The Stock tab sets the following System Values:

Auto Build Items

Checkbox (default=ticked): Controls whether build parents items are automatically built when sold (child/component stock permitting).

  • BtnTriStYesXP.jpg TICKED: The system will automatically build the required quantity to fulfil a sales order plus an extra amount to be kept in stock (the extra amount is set to the number in the field next to the option).
  • BtnTriStNoXP.jpg UNTICKED: The system will not automatically build any build parent items, users must build all required parent items using the manual build functionality found in Stock Relationship tab.


  1. If the options is ticked, the system will warn the user if no more build parents can be automatically built due to a lack of child/component stock items.
  2. When using this option within a Warehouse-controlled system, a pick ticket must be printed to ensure that stock is correctly assigned from a valid location.
  3. This option works with imported sales orders.

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