How To: Change the Purchase Order's default Delivery Address

The address you wish your purchases to be permanently delivered to can be setup as follows:

  1. Create a Purchase Order as normal.
  2. Move to the [ Delivery Address ] screen.
  3. Where the Delivery Address states Same as company address overwrite with the new delivery address.
    Note: this can be done either in the Delivery Address area or on the grid to the right.
  4. Once you start editing the address field a warning message will appear stating Editing the details of this address will change any existing purchase orders which use it.
  5. Click on OK and continue editing the address:
    • Contact, for example the warehouse manager's name.
    • The name of the Company
    • Address
    • Town
    • County
    • Post Code
    • Telephone
  6. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button to save the purchase order when complete.
  7. There will be another warning on save saying You have edited the default purchase order delivery address, continue?.
  8. Acknowledge the message and click OK to complete the order save.


  • This will affect ALL past and future purchase orders.
  • Any further changes to the address details must be made in the grid.

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