How To: Create a Purchase Order for a Drop Ship Item

Drop Ship items are delivered directly to the customer from your supplier.

Khaos Control allows Purchase Orders for drop-ship items to be created either from the original sales order, or from the [ Back Order (Purchase Ordering) ] screen.

It is possible to change the address for a dropship BO/PO to that of the company name. This applies to when a BO/PO is raised from an imported sales order or a manually created sales order. The BO/PO dropship orders track back to the original sales order and check if there is an organisation set against the delivery address. The system will use that address as the company field on the dropship purchase order., see How To: Use the Company Name on Dropship BO/POs.

Sales Order

The process of manually creating a Purchase Order from the sales order screen, for a drop-ship item, is identical to that described in How To: Create a Purchase Order to fulfil a Sales Order Back Order requirement; at step 6 tick Yes to have the items delivered direct to the customer.
Note: if you don't wish this item to appear on the Picking/Delivery Note, tick the Non-physical Item in the [ Stock | Detail Options ] screen.

Automatically creating a Drop Ship Purchase Order

Back-to-back purchase orders for drop-ship items are created automatically when the Sales Order is saved (for the first time) when all of the following conditions are met:

Back Order (Purchase Ordering) Screen

  1. Open a Sales Invoice Manager screen (show me how).
  2. Go to the [ Back Orders (Purchase Ordering) ] tab.
  3. Find the customer using the Customer the green opening folder icon is normally linked to the opening of a dialog box that allows the user to browse and select a value or range of values to load the customer lookup.
  4. Tick the View PO after creation to display the purchase order which will allow you to check if the delivery address is set for the customer (Optional).
  5. Green-select the item(s) you wish to drop ship to them.
  6. If you have filtered for a supplier then:
    • Click the button.
    • Click Yes to the prompt.
  7. If the purchase order is for a different supplier, then:
    • Click the button.
    • Locate the supplier using the filters.
    • Double-click the supplier to create the purchase order.
  8. The purchase order will be created, check the delivery address to ensure that the customer's address has been entered (Optional).

Notes: there are some options in[ System Operations | Edit System Values | Sales | Backorders ] that affect the way the system deals with back orders:

  • The system will automatically book in purchase orders created for drop ship items if the Auto book in back order POs option is ticked.
  • Stop Auto PO creation when outside payment terms [Manual Hold] affects account customers so when a sales order is created and it is going into Terms Hold, then the purchase order(s) will not be created and the system will display a message to the user to inform them that the purchase order has not been created and list the stock items.
  • The system will define the Purchase Order delivery address based on the following rule when created from the [ Back Order (Purchase Ordering) ] screen
    • If all selected lines are for the same customer and order then the Purchase Order will be a dropship
    • If all selected lines are for the more than one customer or order then the Purchase Order will be delivered to the site it was created from.

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