How To: Automatically Process Drop-Ship Sales Orders

When direct dropship orders are raised through Khaos Control, the system can be configured so that the associated Sales Order will be processed to the ISSUE stage of the Sales Invoice Manager automatically. The dropship will be "booked in" as soon as it's been raised and therefore Khaos Control will have access to auto-pick the order immediately.


  • This will only apply to orders which are 100% dropship direct with a delivered PO.
  • Other SIM movement restrictions should be ignored.
  • For warehouse control systems the location of the drop-ship stock item is set as ARRIVALS.

To configure this option:

  1. Open the [ System Operations | Edit System Values | Sales | Backorders ] tab.
  2. In the Allow book-in of BO/POs select either Allow for all or Direct to customer POs only as appropriate.
  3. Update the Move Sales Invoice to Stage to the Issue stage in the [ Sales Invoice Manager ].
    1. By default this option is set to "None" and there the other stages are available to select as required.
    2. This is where the order will be saved when the auto booking in routine has completed.
  4. Click OK.

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