How To: Use the Company Name on Dropship BO/POs

It is possible to change the address for a dropship BO/PO to that of the company name. This applies to when a BO/PO is raised from an imported sales order or a manually created sales order. The BO/PO dropship orders track back to the original sales order and check if there is an organisation set against the delivery address. The system will use that address as the company field on the dropship purchase order. If no delivery organisation is present, the company name will be displayed which is the default functionality.


  1. Open [ System Values | Sales | Backorders ].
  2. Tick the option Use Organisation as Company Name.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Close and restart Khaos Control


Create a dropship BO/PO, see How To: Create a Purchase Order for a Drop Ship Item. The functionality will be applied and the delivery address against the purchase order will have its company name replaced with the organisation where relevant.

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