How To: Create a Stock Complaint from a Sales Order

Complaints about a stock item can be entered from the Sales Order screen. This will add a complaint to the [ Stock | Detai |l Complaints/Extended ] screen for the stock item currently focused on in the grid and will reference the Sales Order code.

  1. Open a Sales Order screen (show me how).
  2. Create a new sales order or open an existing one.
  3. Add stock items to the order as required.
  4. For the item you wish to add a complaint to:
    1. Focus on the item.
    2. Right click and from the Context Menu select:
      1. Actions then Add Complaint.
      2. In the dialog enter the details of the complaint.
      3. Click OK.
  5. Continue with processing the sales order, the complaint will be added to the stock item once the sales order has been saved.

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