How To: Export the Profit and Loss by Node Analysis

To export the data in the [ Profit and Loss | Accounts Tree ] screen so that it can be imported into a spreadsheet, for example, Excel:

  1. Open an Accounts screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Profit and Loss | Accounts Tree ] screen.
  3. Set the filters as required.
  4. Click the green open folder button to populate the grid.
  5. Right-click in the grid and select Send to Notepad from the context menu.
  6. In the Export Columns dialog select the columns to include or exclude as required.
  7. Select the Comma Separated radio button.
  8. Save the file in a location of your choice.
  9. Click on OK to create the .csv file.
  10. Locate the .csv file and double-click on it to open it in a spreadsheet, for example, Excel.
    Note: rows and columns may need to be expanded to display all of the contents.

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