Accounts Profit and Loss Accounts Tree Tab

For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Accounts Other Actions Menu.

The Accounts Tree tab allows users to compare the information by nominal nodes  as set up in [ Accounts |Nominal Accounts | Nominal Accounts ] tab. The Accounts Tree tab contains two areas:

  • Filters.
  • Accounts Tree grid.


  • Date Range: the date range for the information you wish to view.
  • Weeks, Months, Years: view the data as months or weeks or years.
  • Compare with:
    • First value: compares each value with the value in the first week (month or year) column as:
      • A: Actual
      • PA: Past Actual
    • Previous range: compares the value with the value in the previous week (month or year) as:
      • S: Sales
      • PS: Past Sales
    • The % is the Percent of Sales in this period versus this nominal node's value.
  • Levels: these are the levels in the nominal nodes, level 0 being the bottom level
  • Nominal Classification: filters by nominal classifications.

Note: The Go button must be pressed after changes to the controls and filters.

Accounts Tree Grid

This grid displays information and there is no context menu. The column headings are:

  • Node Name: name of the node as defined in [ Accounts |Nominal Accounts | Nominal Accounts ] screen.
  • Week/Month/Year: the columns listed as per the date range and the choice of weeks, months and years. The number of columns displayed will depend on these settings.
  • Total: the total for each line.

Accounts Tree Grid Context Menu

  • Send to Notepad: allows the export of the data so that it can be imported into a spreadsheet for example Excel, see How To: Export the Profit and Loss by Node Analysis.
    1. Do not try and import the .csv file into Excel, instead, save as a .csv and then double-click the file and open WITH Excel.
    2. Rows and columns need to be expanded to display all of the content

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