How To: Print the Profit and Loss

There are two methods of printing the P&L:

Method One

Method one uses the predefined report in Khaos Control to Print Grid however it is accessed from the printer icon on the button bar rather than the grid menu:

  1. Configure the P&L as required.
  2. Press Ctrl+P or click the printer icon is the button bar's PRINT button to print.

Method Two

Uses the Send to Notepad option allowing the user to send the information to Notepad for saving to external files, printing or importing into a spreadsheet program. The user can select the location to save the file as well as change the file name. To access the Send to Notepad option:

  1. Configure the P&L as required.
  2. Right click on the P&L panel below the filters and select Send to Notepad from the options.

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