How To: Manage the First Import of Sales Orders from your Channel when using Channels 2.0

WARNING: The information included on this page is only available within Khaos Control if Channels 2.0 is enabled.

When linking Khaos Control to a channel for the first time, it's very important to ensure that the Don't Import Orders option in the [ Channel | Detail | Setup ] tab is ticked. When Khaos Control first connects with your channel it will identify the last few days' worth of sales orders and assume that they should all be imported. However, there is a high probability that you will have already despatched and issued a high proportion of those sales orders. After establishing the link to your channel for the first time, you will need to identify the orders that you don't want to import and mark them accordingly.

  • Open the [ Detail | Imports ] tab in the loaded channel.
  • Review the listed orders and identify the ones that you do not wish to import (i.e. the ones you have already dealt with prior to setting up your channel integration).
  • Green select the orders you wish to exclude from your first import.
  • Right-click in the grid and, from the context menu, select Ignore/Don't Import.
  • Once you are happy that you have identified and marked all the orders that you do not wish to import, then you can untick the Don't Import Orders option in the Setup tab. Khaos Control will then start importing orders from the channel.

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