How To: Process a Return where the Exchange is paid for before the Credit is issued

  1. Create a new return or load an existing return:
    1. Open an existing return:
      1. Open the Returns screen (show me how).
      2. Find and open the relevant Return.
    2. Create a new return:
      1. From the original Sales Order
      2. From the Customer Record
      3. From the Returns Screen
  2. Click on .
  3. Click BtnRtnGoTo.jpg button by the Exchange Note.
  4. Open the [ Payment ] tab of the Returns Exchange Sales Order.
  5. Enter appropriate payment details.
  6. When the item is returned open the original Returns document.
  7. Click the BtnRtnIssue.jpg button next to the Credit Note.
  8. Click the BtnRtnGoTo.jpg button next to the Credit Note.
  9. Open the [ Payment ] tab.
  10. Click on the BtnProcessRefunds.jpg button and follow the on screen instructions.

Note: in order for extended descriptions to be copied over to the new credit note, you must tick the Copy Extended Description checkbox from the returns screen before clicking the button.

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