How To: Process Customer Returns when using Warehouse Control

Warehouse Location Control is not enabled by default.
Training must be completed before using the warehouse functionality.
Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

This How To only applies if the Return Reason process type is set to Processing Type 'Return to Stock/Place in Primary Pick', see How To: Setup Customer Return Reasons when using Warehouse Control. If any other return reason type is used then the user must use the System Warehouse Quarantine and Write Off to deal with the stock.

  1. Process the return.
  2. Open a Warehouse screen (show me how).
  3. Click on the Perform Location Movements button in the Warehouse List screen. button.
  4. Click on the Open batch button button to display a list of all Group Movements.
  5. Sort by description and find 'CRETURN Group Movement'.
  6. Focus on the unprocessed one.
    Note: there can only ever be one CRETURN Group Movement open at any one time.
  7. Click Ok to open the unprocessed CRETURN Group Movement.
  8. Review movements, Printing the Grid if required.
  9. Click on the process batch button button to move the stock item.
  10. Click on Yes to process the group now.
  11. Click OK in the Information popup which contains the Group ID. The group will be processed and a date entered in the Processed field at the top.

Note: a new CRETURN Group Movement will be created when the next return is created and stock items are to be put back into stock.

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