How To: Setup a EPOS User Password

WARNING: Only a user with Admin permission can setup EPOS User Passwords.

Each user who is to use the EPOS system will require an identification and login password, this password must be unique to each user. A users unique password must be greater than four numbers/characters long with no sequence equal to or less than five.

  1. Open a System Data screen (show me how).
  2. Go to the [ Others | Users ] screen.
  3. Create a new User record if required, see How To: Create an EPOS User.
  4. Focus on User who requires the EPOS User Password.
  5. Right click and select Edit User Permissions... from the context menu.
  6. Focus in the EPOS sign-on code box and overtype the existing hidden password with the new unique password.
    Note: it is recommended that these passwords are controlled by the administrator.
  7. Click Ok to apply.

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