Managing your Back Orders Course

If you are interested in the Managing your Back Orders Course, please email Training for more information.


Back Orders are sales orders that do not have stock assigned as there is a shortage. A purchase order will be required and the sales orders will be fulfilled once the stock items have been delivered. The system offers several methods of dealing with your Back Orders, this course describes them as well as the setup options, creating purchase orders for back orders and the delivery options, informing the customer of the status of their back orders and reviewing back orders.


This course can be carried out at our offices in Grantham or on-site at our customer's offices.
Note: if training at your offices then it is important that the training environment is conducive to learning.


This course lasts half a day and can be combined with other courses, for example the Stock or Purchasing courses or the time can be used for ad-hoc training.

Prior knowledge

A good understanding of the system is required.

Topics Covered

The topics covered on the Managing your Back Orders course include:

  • Overview
  • Seup options including System Values
  • Creating Back Orders
  • Viewing a customer's Back Orders
  • Assigning stock to Back Orders
  • Email Cu re Back Orders status
  • Creating Purchase Orders for Back Orders, delivering Back Order stock items, Back Orders Picking Note
  • Reports including Outstanding Sales Orders, Back Order Performance and Supplier Performance.

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