Purchasing Overview

Purchasing is a module of the core Khaos Control product. The module allows standard and drop-ship orders to be placed with suppliers and is fully integrated with the Accounts and Stock Control areas. A facility exists for linked Purchase Orders to be automatically raised when a Sales Order is placed (this is useful for back-to-back drop-ship orders).

Financial records are updated when an order is raised, goods are received and invoice is entered so that Khaos Control always holds accurate and up-to-date information about your business' finances. The value of stock received not invoiced can optionally be held in a suspense account pending receipt of invoice, or posted directly into the stock nominal account.

Purchase Ordering entails the raising of a purchase order (PO) to a supplier for the supply of goods or services. When the goods are received, a receipt must then be entered onto Khaos Control against the order. The receipt reflects the goods actually received (a facility to mark the PO as complete following a part-delivery is provided). If goods need to be returned, then a return must be entered onto Khaos Control. For a visual guide of the purchasing process see The Purchasing Process.

When the invoice is received this is entered into Khaos Control. The invoice is matched to the PO and then Khaos Control checks for receipts/returns. Only if the PO lines on the invoice are receipted does the system release the invoice for payment.

The core purchasing functionality in Khaos Control can be accessed from the command window's list and menu buttons:

The Purchase Order screen has the following screens in addition to the "Other Actions" menu:

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