Pack Relationship Values

Packs, or Move With, relationship stock items are where a non-stock controlled parent item is used to move a group of items for a specific price, for example they can be used to setup special offer items. The example below shows how three items that would normally cost £20.48 if sold individually can be sold altogether for £19.99 using Pack Move With functionality.

Child Items and their Stock Values

The pack child items and their stock values.


The Quantity of Child Items in the Pack

The quantity of the child items in the pack. Note the Value Proportion %, this represents how much that particular item is worth relative to all the other items within the pack. The total value of all the items in the pack (from above) is £13.37, the value proportion is calculated by dividing the individual child items value by the total and expressing it as a percentage e.g. £8.20/£15.70 = 0.5223 expresses as a percentage is 52.23%.


Sales Order Margin Screen

The Sales Order Margin screen shows how the system documents the sale of a pack items, essentially you buy the pack header for the full sale value and make 100% margin, then you get the child items free and make 0% margin on each one. The bottom line shows net sales of £21.66 with a total Cost of Sale of £15.70 which represents £5.96 or 27.52% Margin.


Analysing Stock Item Sales within Sales Summary

When analysing Stock Item Sales within Sales Summary please note that if you sell child items of a pack separately they will be included in the line for that item. Please see the following examples:

Sales of One Pack

This screenshot displays the sales of one pack.


Sales of One Pack and a Single Sales Of a Pair of Socks

This screenshot displays the sales of one pack and a single sales of Socks, the Socks are normally part of the pack but have been sold separately. Note the margin for the socks and the margin on the bottom line.

When analysing stock items that are sold in packs and individually en-masse remember to compare the [ Sales Summary | Best Sellers ] Filter (F4) - Pack Item options which are:

Show Both

All items are displayed, the line margin for child items will be lower because all the values will be incorporated into the header. Bottom line margin will be correct.


Show Headers

No stock items that were sold as Pack children will be included but any pack children that were sold individually will be included. Their line margins will be accurate but the Bottom line margin MAY NOT be accurate as the grid may contain a pack header with 100% margin that will skew the figures.


Show Children

All children item are displayed with the proportionate value of the parent item. Items that were sold individually will be included with their actual cost of sales and sell price so caution must be taken when analysing. The bottom line will be correct.


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