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Special Offers can be used in a number of ways, for example:

  1. They can be set up so that they appear on every sales order with a default quantity of 0. This prompts the user to ask the customer if they would like the item at the special offer price.
    Note: if they do not take up the offer the special offer line will disappear once the order is saved if the Qty is set to zero.
  2. They can also be used to add a free item if a customer spends a pre-defined amount.
  3. They can be used to add an item to every sales order automatically at 0.00 price, for example, this may be appropriate if you wish to send a catalogue to every customer who places an order.
  4. They can be imported using the standard web services to allow special offer items to be included when importing web orders, see Special Offers to auto add items on web orders for more information.

The procedure for setting up Special Offers is described in How To: Setup a Special Offer. To understand the method by which special offers are applied to sales orders see, How To: Understand how Special Offers are Triggered.

Note: this prices in this screen are in Base currency, normally Sterling.

This screen consists of the grid.

Special Offers Grid

  • Code: stock item code.
  • Description: stock item description.
  • Qty: number of items to be added by default to the order normally this will be zero.
  • Sell Price: special offer price for the stock item, only applies for special offer order lines.
  • Net checkbox: ticked the sell price is net, un-ticked the Special Offer sell price is gross.
  • Auto Add: when ticked the offer items will be automatically added to the sales order.
    1. If disabled then the item will not be added but can still be manually added if necessary.
    2. Auto Add items are only added on NEW orders, editing an existing order will not trigger auto add items, but they can be added manually and receive any applicable discounted prices.
  • One Time: if ticked then the offer can only be auto-added once only.
  • Order Total: value trigger for the offer, only Item Totals are used for comparison Excluding any Delivery Charges on the order. When specified Khaos Control will not display the Special Offer until the total order value is matched or exceeded.
  • Offer Start: date on which the Special Offer will start.
  • Offer End: date on which the Special Offer will end, if left blank Special Offer will run continuously.
  • Active: flags whether or not the Special Offer is active.
    Note: untick this box to de-activate the Special Offer.
  • Brand: link a brand to a special offer using the F4 button.
    1. Branded special offers are not added to Sales Orders automatically, they apply if the items are present or added to the current sales order and relevant Special Offer conditions are met.
    2. If the brand is changed due to a mismatched brand during order entry the price will revert, following normal rules, however if the Brand is changed after save and locked prices are enabled the discounted price will remain.
  • Company Class: limit specific Special Offers by Company Class, so only customers in the appropriate Company Class will qualify for this offer on a Sales Order.
  • Web (default=ticked): flags whether the website is going to use the special offer.
    Note: this is used as a flag only and Khaos Control does NOT use this automatically. If you require promotions to be available on your website, you will need to ensure your website implements them using information from a Khaos Control integration or manually replicates the details of any / all promotions you require.
  • MOTO (default=ticked): when MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) is ticked against a special offer, it can be used in a Sales Order. If unticked, the special offer will not be available for use in a sales order.

For each Special Offer an extended description can be entered using the extended description field at the lower part of the screen. When using Basic Reports, entering a comma into the extended description field will throw a new line when printed on the Sales Invoice report. The extended description will appear on both the Sales Order and the Sales Invoice.

Special Offers Grid Context Menu

  • Goto Stock Item...: opens the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] for the selected stock item.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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