Repeat Orders Delivery Rounds Tab

The [ Delivery Rounds ] tab is used to produce delivery rounds containing a list of customer orders on the basis of the delivery round that they will use. The screen consists of the upper filters and the grid.

Delivery Round Tab Filters

  • Round Code: the name of the delivery round.
  • Delivery Date: view the delivery round for a specific date.
  • Saturday - Friday: checkboxes: days that a round operates.
  • Add customer button: allows the user to add a customer to a delivery round.
  • Show delivery round summary button: displays a table summarizing the value of each delivery round.


  1. Several delivery rounds can be created and customers can be added to one or more rounds.
  2. Sales orders from customers that belong to several rounds will have their order added to the next available round based on the order entry date. If more than one delivery round has been set up, other delivery rounds can be displayed by selecting them from the drop down menu.
  3. When creating delivery rounds, ensure that a customer is not on multiple delivery rounds on the same day (i.e it would be fine to have two delivery rounds: Delivery Round A on Mondays, Delivery Round B on Tuesdays with Mr Smith on both rounds). However, if you had Delivery Round C that ran on a Friday and Delivery Round D that also operated on a Friday (that covered different overlapping areas) Mr Smith would need to belong to one OR the other.
  4. Clicking the printer icon is the button bar's PRINT button in the button bar will produce a report of the round that is selected.

Delivery Round Tab Grid

  • Order: used to define the order in which customers will be delivered to.
  • URN: customer / company URN.
  • Company name: customer / company name.
  • PType: payment type e.g. account, cheque etc.
  • Total: invoice total for order.
  • Inv Code: order invoice code.
  • Boxes: the number of boxes, if used, from the Packing Stage in the [ Sales Invoice | Staged Processing ].
  • Notes: free text field for notes.

Delivery Rounds Context Menu

  • Goto Invoice...: opens [ Sales Invoice | Staged Processing ].
  • Goto Customer...: opens [ Customer | Detail | General ] for the customer linked to the current delivery round line.
  • Rename Delivery Round: allows the user to rename the delivery round.
  • Assign Customer: assigns a customer to a new line for the current delivery round.
  • Delete Customer (Temporary): temporarily removes the selected customer from the delivery round.
  • Move Customer (Temporary): temporarily moves the selected customer to a different delivery round.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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