Royal Mail Click and Drop - Per-Stock Export

Royal Mail Click and Drop is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

When the option Per-Stock Export in the Courier Options dialog is enabled, the exported file will include a line for every stock item on the order, instead of just one line for the whole order. This can be used for international shipments using ICN and Harmonisation Code information.


Each courier must have the new 'Per-Stock Export' option set individually. To do this:

  1. Open a System Data screen (show me how).
  2. Open the Courier \ Shipping - Couriers screen.
  3. Focus on the courier to be configured and right-click.
  4. Select 'Configure...'.
  5. In the Courier Options dialog:
  6. Tick 'Per-Stock Export'.
  7. Tick or untick the 'Use ICN Codes' option as required:
    1. Ticked the ICN codes will be provided to Royal Mail.
    2. Unticked the Harmonisation Codes will be used instead.
  8. Click OK, Khaos Control does not need to be restarted.


In the Shipping stage in Sales Invoice Manager when using Assign to Courier with 'Per-Stock Export' turned on, the export file will contain additional fields with item-level information. This means that the file will contain multiple lines per order, as there will be one line for each individual stock item. With 'Per-Stock Export' off, the file would only contain one line per order.

The additional columns exported are as follows:

Column name Contents Example
Stock DescriptionStock item's short descriptionHIPPO Giant Plus Driver
Stock QtyThe quantity being sent in this shipment.2
Stock Harmonisation Code Detail | Accounting ] tab.95063100
Stock Harmonisation Description International - Harmonisation Codes.Golf clubs and other golf equipment: clubs, complete.
Intrastat Code Detail | Accounting ] tab.95063100
Stock Unit PriceThe net unit price of the stock item from the sales order. NB: The currency will be the currency of the sales order.99.95
Stock Unit WeightThe stock item's Postage Weight if it's set, or the Average Weight if not.0.3

Notes / Caveats

  1. The old Harmonised System Code column, taken from the Harmonised System Code value set against the courier right click > Configure... options is retained, and will still appear in the file with the value set against the courier.
  2. Intrastat Codes and Stock Harmonisation Codes will appear in separate columns in the exported files; these should be mapped appropriately within the Click and Drop interface.
  3. The stock harmonisation descriptions are limited to 50 characters, anything above that will be truncated within the export file. If for any reason the length is greater than the 50 characters limit, the import into the RM Click and Drop system will indicate an error with the order. The limit set by Royal Mail.

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