Sales Summary - Sale Source Agents (detail) Sub Tab

The Agents (detail) screen displays the financial information for each agent per customer invoice for the current month selected. Agents can be setup in the system and receive a percentage based on Level 2 Stock Types, see How To: Setup and Use Agents. Whenever the date is changed the user must press the BtnGoX.jpg button to refresh the grid.

The screen consists of the upper filters and the grid.
Sales Summary - Sale Source Agents (detail) Sub Tab


  • Current Month: the system takes the month selected (1st to the last day) and then looks back 3 months, for example if 27/02/2012 was selected it would look at 01/11/2011 " 30/11/2011.
    Note: whenever this date is changed the user must press GO to refresh the grid.
  • Sales Source: filter by the sales source used on the sales order associated with the agents.

Agents (detail) sub tab Grid

  • Agent: the name of the agent.
  • Company: the customer linked to the agent.
  • Invoice Code: the sales invoice code.
  • Net Value: the net value of the order minus the delivery charge.
  • Commission: the amount of commission due based on the net value and the commission listed against stock types in the [ System Data | Stock | Level 2 Type ] screen.
  • Due Date: the sales order issued date plus the number of days in the terms listed in the [ Customer | Detail | Payment ] tab.
  • Ledger Amount: the total value of the order including VAT displayed in base currency.
  • Ledger Paid: the amount that has been paid by the customer in base currency.
  • Inv. Tel: the preferred invoice contact's phone number as listed on their [ Customer | Detail | Address ] tab.
  • Inv. Contact: the preferred invoice contact as listed on their [ Customer | Detail | Address ] tab.


  1. For the Commissions (type) Sub Tab, Agents (type) Sub Tab and the Agents (detail) Sub Tab the date filter only applies to the month and the year that it contains. For example setting the date to 05/04/2008 or 21/04/2015 will return the same results, i.e. all records that apply from 1st April to 30th April 2015.
  2. This grid supports multi-currency and the Net Value and Commission will be displayed in the appropriate currency. Where sales have been issued for a stock type / sales source combination in more than one currency, the combination is repeated for each with the appropriate values.

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