Sales Summary - Sale Source

The Sales Summary Sale Source analysis tab is used to essentially see which medium orders are using when entering your business. A prerequisite is to have defined Sales Sources in System Data and then to assign a Sales Source against your sales orders, see How To: Create a Sales Source and How To: Assign a Sales Source to a Sales Order.

There are four sub-tabs available on the Sales Source tab:


  1. When filtering on Sales Orders, the results will include all Issued Sales Orders and all Sales Orders sales totals regardless of any stock assignment. When filtering on Issued Only results will only be displayed for issued Sales Orders including any part shipments.
  2. If the Total cells at the bottom of the grid have a red background, for example total too big at the bottom of the grid, then the contents of the cell are too big for the cell width. To see the whole cell contents widen the column either by clicking and dragging the column headings or using the Resize Column option in the Grid Menu.

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