Sales Summary - Sale Source Commissions (type) Sub Tab

The Commissions (type) screen displays the source of the sales broken down by level 2 stock type along with the total value of commission for the current month.


  1. The rate of commission is set up against Stock Type in [ System Data | Stock | Level 2 Type ].
  2. Whenever the date is changed the user must press the BtnGoX.jpg button to refresh the grid.

Sales Summary - Sale Source Commissions (type) Sub Tab

Commissions (type) sub tab Grid

The grid column headings are:

  • Sales Source: for example telesales, Internet etc.
  • Stock Type: the Level 2 Stock Type.
  • Value: the total value of the sales for the stock type.
  • Unpaid: the amount of the customers' invoices that remain unpaid
  • Commission%: the percentage of commission as found in the [ System Data | Stock | Level 2 Type ] screen.
  • Commission Value: commission in pounds.

Note: this grid supports multi-currency and the Value, Unpaid and Commission Value will be displayed in the appropriate currency. Where sales have been issued for a stock type / sales source combination in more than one currency, the combination is repeated for each with the appropriate values.

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