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Users can define the suppliers who supply the currently loaded stock item. From here it is also possible to define the supplier's price for the stock item along with any supplier specific reference code, default discount, reorder quantity and lead time, see How To: Set a Preferred Supplier.

When a user raises a Purchase Order for a particular supplier and adds the stock item, the system will fetch the supplier purchase cost (if present) and related data from this section. These values are used as defaults on the purchase order but can be changed. The supplier reference can optionally be printed on the Purchase Order report so that the supplier can identify, from their own coding system, the items that are being ordered.

If required, the purchase price used on the purchase order can be used to update the stock supplier purchase cost when the Purchase Order is saved (this is only active if the 'Update Supplier Buy Price when saving Purchase Orders' option is ticked in [ System Operations | Edit System Values | Purchasing ]).

The [ Stock | Detail | Suppliers ] tab consists of two areas:

Supplier Selection

Supplier lookup

The Supplier selection area is used to lookup a supplier record and link it to the stock item. It can also be used to unlink suppliers from the stock item.

  • the green opening folder icon is normally linked to the opening of a dialog box that allows the user to browse and select a value or range of values opens the supplier lookup dialog so a supplier can be selected to add to the stock item.
  • the MOVE ROW DOWN button shows a green arrow pointing downwards. used to add the selected supplier to the lower grid when in edit mode.
  • black cross button used to remove the selected supplier from the lower grid when in edit mode.


Stock Item Supplier grid

  • URN: supplier URN.
  • Supplier: supplier name.
  • Buy Price: the supplier's price expressed in supplier's currency (as defined in [ Supplier | Details | Financial ] tab) and the same manner/format as the Buy Price on the Properties tab either NET (i.e. excluding VAT) or GROSS (i.e. including VAT). This is set up in 'Purchase Prices are NET' on the [ Edit System Values | Options | Purchasing ] tab.
    Note: It is only necessary to set the stock supplier buy price when either:
    1. The stock item is procured from multiple suppliers, each selling it at a different price; or
    2. The supplier currency is different to the base system currency.
  • Supplier Ref: reference code used by supplier for a stock item if it is different to the stock code. If Basic reports are used and the supplier reference is required then the 'Stock Desc Included Supplier Ref' checkbox must be ticked, this can be found in the [ System Operations | Basic Report Setup | Purchase Order Report ].
  • Discount %: discount percentage, for example, if the net buy price is £10 and discount is 10%, then the purchase order value will be £9 per item (NET).
  • Re-order quantity: is the default quantity to reorder.
    Note: this can be amended when purchase order created.
  • Preferred checkbox: tick if this is the preferred supplier.
    Note: if there is more than one supplier for the item, only one supplier should have this ticked.
  • Qty Avail: a free text field, but it can be used for:
  • Lead Time: the lead time for the specific supplier.
    1. This will override the lead time recorded in the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] screen.
    2. If set to zero, the due date on any Purchase Orders from the Supplier will be based on the lead time from the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] screen.
    3. When using the Stock Reordering or Stock Reordering (Advanced) screens, the lead time value set against the supplier will only be used when filtered by the supplier, otherwise the value set in the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] screen will be used.

Context Menu

  • Goto Supplier: loads the supplier record the user is currently focused on for the current stock item.
  • View Stock Item from this Supplier: opens the [ Supplier | Supplier Summary | Supplier Stock ] tab listing all the stock items from this supplier.
  • Apply Discount to all Stock for this Supplier: applies the discount listed in the 'Discount %' column to all the stock items listed in the [ Supplier | Supplier Summary | Supplier Stock ] tab.
    Note: this screen may need refreshing to see the changes.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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