Warehouse Batches

Warehouse Batches is not enabled by default.

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Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

Warehouse Batches are used when users wish to be able to track the items that they are selling, from the source where they were purchased to the customer that buys them. Batches are commonly used to control the traceability of goods. When a batch controlled item is added to a sales order and several batches are potentially available, the system will assign the batch with the shortest expiry date.

The [ Stock | Detail | Batches ] tab is only available when the warehouse functionality is enabled. It lists the batches on the system, both current and expired for the stock item and is used to manage batches.

The Batch Selection dialog is used to link and create batches.

Batches and Warehouse Locations

Items that require batch control can only be stored in Multi stock Locations and not single stock locations..

Batches and Sales Orders

When a sales order is created that contains batches the system will automatically assign the "oldest" available batch when the sales order is saved and stock assigned. The system will NOT assign batches that are expired, quarantined or closed.

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