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The Children Qty Report dialog is available from the context menu in the following screens:

Children Qty Report Grid

  • Parent
    • Parent(s) Sk code: displays build parents item stock code. If a build contains another build item then multiple stock codes are displayed.
  • Child Stock
    • Sk Code: displays the child item stock code.
    • Sk Description: displays the child item stock description.
  • Child Stock Build Qty
    • Qty: displays the child multiple within the build.
    • Reorder Qty: displays the quantity to reorder based on the Build Parents 'Qty To Order' in the main reordering grid multiplied by Child Stock Build Qty. If a build is used within a build there is an additional calculation which multiplies the 'Reorder Qty' by the child build. Please see grid image and tip/description for a working example.

Context Menu

  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

Tips & Example


For the most effective method of using the above grid based on the above image:

  1. Sort the 'Sk Description' column.
  2. Do a secondary sort on the 'Parent(s) Sk code'
  3. Focus on child stock item and press Ctrl+ Shift+R, the system will select all of that specific child item.
  4. Focus in the 'Reorder Qty' column and press Ctrl+T, the system will display the popup with the total quantity that require reordering for selected child item.

Note: the 'Reorder Qty' is based on how many Parent Item the user specified on the main [ Stock | Reordering | Reordering (Standard) ] tab 'Qty To Order' column.

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