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Khaos Control's EPOS interface provides a straightforward, easy-to-use facility for retail sales to members of the general public. It is intended to complement, not replace, Khaos Control's extensive Sales Order functionality.

The manual is currently available as a PDF file and can usually be found in your "K:\KeystoneSoftwareUTILS\KCManuals\Add-ons\" folder; it may also be downloaded from this link File:EPOS.pdf.

Setting up the Computers used for EPOS

There are start up parameters that may be useful both in batch files and when setting up desktop or start menu shortcuts on the computers used for EPOS, see How To: Setup EPOS Startup Parameters.

The EPOS screen can be set to dynamically resize by setting the Main KSSOption DynamicResize=-1, please email Support if you require help.

Setup and Configuration

There are some prerequisites to be considered before using EPOS:

  1. Mandatory prerequisites: these enable the basic use of EPOS within Khaos Control.
  2. Recommended prerequisites: other things that enhance the use of EPOS.

Using EPOS

The EPOS Interface screen comprises six main areas:

   Order Information Pallet        EPOS User Panel
   Transaction Items        Key Pad
   Stock Type Lookup        Quick Sell / EPOS Management Panel

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