GDPR - Anonymisation and Data Holding

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WARNING: Once a company or contact has been anonymised, they cannot be reactivated. Their data is permanently hidden.

The system will not automatically Anonymise or Hold a contact or company, this has to be carried out by the user. There are a few options depending on who and why you want to hide company data, is it temporary or permanent.

Before anonymising or holding data there are some options that need to be configured in System Values:

The available options are:

Anonymise or Hold a single address or contact

You can Anonymise or Hold a single address or a single contact in the [ Customer/Supplier | Detail | Address ] screen using the appropriate buttons on the screen.

Anonymise or Hold a single company

You can Anonymise or Hold a company in their [ Customer/Supplier | Detail | General ] screen.

Anonymise groups of companies

You can anonymise groups of companies from the context menu in the [ Customer/Supplier | List ] screen. This loads the Anonymise Multiple Companies dialog enabling you to select groups of companies to anonymise.
Note: an admin password must be set in System Data - Admin Passwords, and users must enter this password before they can use the anonymisation/data holding functionality. This will show as a series of stars whether a value has been entered or not.

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