How To: Create Bulk Catalogue Requests

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Catalogue requests can be created for individual customers, see How To: Create a Catalogue Request or for groups of customers as follows, the sales from these catalogues can then be reported on in Sales Summary.

  1. Setup your Catalogue, see How To: Create a Catalogue.
  2. Open a List Manager screen (show me how).
  3. Create the list of people you wish to create the catalogue request for, see example of creating lists.
  4. Focus on your list of customers in the panel on the left of the popup.
  5. Click on the List tab.
  6. Click on the Go button.
  7. Green select all the customers you wish to send a catalogue.
  8. Click on the Create catalogue request button button.
  9. In the Catalogue Requests dialog check that the catalogue, quantity and keycode are correct.
    Note: the other fields are not editable.
  10. Click on OK.
  11. Click on OK to close the List Manager.
  12. Process these catalogue requests in the Sales Invoice Manager.

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