How To: Enter stock opening balance

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The stock opening balance should be entered via the Accounts screen (see How To: Enter Opening Balances).

At one time, importing stock levels into Khaos Control (as normally happens on each project's "Go Live" day) resulted in adjustments being made automatically to the stock nominal account using the product of initial stock level and stock value. However this behaviour was deprecated a long time ago, in order that opening stock balance could be entered as a journal.

Initial Adjustment Figures

When run immediately after importing initial stock levels into Khaos Control, the following data query returns a detailed breakdown of opening stock values that your accountant may find helpful when calculating the opening stock balance.

SELECT sk.stock_code, sk.short_desc, sa.post_date
     , sa.ledger_id, sa.stock_value, sa.qty_adjusted
     , (sa.stock_value * sa.qty_adjusted) AS approx_value
     , ul.user_name AS adjust_user
       FROM stock AS sk
INNER JOIN stock_adjustment AS sa ON sk.stock_id = sa.stock_id
INNER JOIN user_list AS ul ON sa.user_id = ul.user_id 
WHERE sa.ledger_id = '0' 
ORDER BY sa.atype_id, sk.stock_code, sa.post_date, sa.ledger_id
  Stock - List initial stock levels and values 
  This report may be useful when calculating the opening 
  stock balance.

  This data query is provided as a teaching aid and is not
  covered by your support agreement

  17-Nov-2009                                Created (BN)

Data Query is an Advanced User feature.

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