Nominal Query Dialog

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The Nominal Query dialog allows users to to specify two nominals and look at the journals that includes at least both of them over a specified date range. It is available from the Trial Balance context menu option 'Nominal Query' in the [ Accounts | Nominal Accounts ] screen.

Nominal Query Dialog

The Nominal Query dialog consists of the upper filters and the grid.

Nominal Query Dialog Filters

  • Nominal 1: the first nominal account to check.
  • Nominal 2: the second nominal account to check.
  • Date From and Date To: the date range to view any transactions involving at least the two selected nominals.

Note: after making any changes the pressing the "open folder" button populates the grid.   button must be pressed to refresh the grid.

Nominal Query Dialog Grid

  • JrnID: journal ID.
  • Acct. Description: the account description i.e. nominal account name.
  • Credit: any credit amounts.
  • Debit: any debit amounts.
  • Date: the date the entry was posted.
  • Closed: whether that particular journal has been closed down in the nominals or not.
  • Notes: displays any notes which have been added via the Transaction detail grid.

Nominal Query Dialog Grid Context Menu

  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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