How To: Compare Bank and Nominal Balances


If you are retrospectively closing down a Bank Account, either for Year End or Period Close Down you may need to check the Bank Account's balance with it's related Nominal Account's balance. Using the Number Store it is simple to compare this data.


The following instructions assume that your Bank Account has already been reconciled.


  • Open an Accounts screen (show me how).
  • In the [ Bank Accounts ] screen set the filters as follows:
    • Tick 'Show All'.
    • Set the date range on the far right-hand side of the screen to the From and To dates required and click the Red Traffic Light Filter icon Green Traffic Light Filter to turn it on.
    • Click 'Go'.
  • In the [ Trial Balance ] screen, set the From and To dates as required and turn the filter on.
  • Green select the nominal account for the Bank and double-click on the total for the 'Debit' or 'Credit' column as appropriate.
  • Click on the 'New Page' icon in the Number Store popup to add the total for the account into the grid and click 'OK'.
  • Go back into the [ Bank Accounts ] screen and sort the grid by the 'Recon' column.
  • Click on the 'Recon' tickbox for the first line that's been reconciled and press Ctrl+ Shift+R, this will green select all of the reconciled transactions for the bank account within the date range filtered.
  • Double-click and add the totals for the 'Credit' and 'Debit' columns into the Number Store as above. The negative difference between the two lines can then be compared with the total for the bank nominal that you've saved into the first line of the Number Store's grid.

Tip - you can add a description to each line in the number store in order to help identify each figure that you've stored and the grid can be exported and / or printed out as required.

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