Sales Summary Overview

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The sales summary screen allows users to review their sales and supplier statistics. It can be used to analyse the success of Keycodes, look at best selling products, profit margins, supplier performance etc. The Sales Summary screen is broken down into several areas, accessed through the following tabs:

  1. Best Sellers tab
  2. Customers tab
  3. Invoices tab
  4. Sale Source tab
  5. Keycode tab
  6. Catalogues
  7. Charts tab
  8. Payments tab
  9. Management Reports tab
  10. Suppliers tab

Screen Layout

Each tab contains a set of filters which control the information that is returned in relation to the sales summary query. Once these filters are configured they can be saved as a profile for use in the future.

A list of these filters, including explanations, is contained in the Shared Filters, filter sets and UDA filter sections.

Note: Where Margin% is used it is calculated using the profit and net figure and is not an average of the column.

Other Actions Menu

There are currently no functions grouped under the BtnOtherActions.jpg (Other Actions Menu) in the [ Sales Summary ] screen. The screen's tabs and the relevant grid and context menus contain all of the additional functionality relevant to this screen.

Creating Reports

The large number of filters that are available give Khaos Control the ability to create a diverse range of reports based on sales, customers, stock, Keycodes etc.

The filters and UDA filters can also be used in combination. For example, this is an AND relationship i.e. results would satisfy both filter settings.

Report Profiles

Once the filters have been set up correctly they can be saved a profile. These can then be used to quickly create future reports using the same parameters, see:

Printing Reports

There are generally two options that can be used to print reports:

  • Print Report;
  • Print Grid.

Print Report

Click the printer icon is the button bar's PRINT button   button on the Button Bar and select 'Print Rpt'. This method prints a standard report format for the relevant tab.
Note: if Print Grid is selected the Print popup will be displayed, see the Print Grid section below.

Print Grid

Select [ Grid Menu | Print Grid ] from the [ Grid Menu ] Btngridmenu.jpg.

This option allows the user to customise the layout of the report, such as changing column and/or font sizes, selecting which columns to include or omit and entering a report title.

Print Grid can also be selected via the Print icon.
Note: grid information can also be 'Sent to Notepad' for use in other programs.

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