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Basic Report Labels is now available on all systems which offers more flexibility when designing labels

Khaos Control allows user to setup both stock and customer labels which are automatically used depending on the screen that the user is in, these are:

  1. CUSTOMER LABELS: used for printing customer address labels for example from the catalogue request screen, see How To: Create Customer Labels and How To: Create New Labels Based on the Customer Default Label.
  2. STOCK LABELS: used for printing stock item labels for example from the [ Stock | List ] screen, see How To: Create Stock Labels and How To: Create New Labels Based on the Stock Default Label.

The Label Setup screen is accessed from [ System Operations | Edit Label Setup ] on the File Menu.

The Edit Label Setup screen comprises the following tabs:


  • If you wish to create a range of labels so the user is prompted for which template to use whenever labels are printed then the default CUSTOMER LABELS and STOCK LABELS MUST be renamed. Additional labels can be created so the user is able to select the appropriate label from a drop down list, for example small and large stock labels.
  • Stock labels cannot be printed on the Elton/Zebra LP 2844 printer as it needs specific commands (according to the product's brochure this means using the ZPL II Zebra Programming Language) in order for it to print text and graphics in specific positions, such as Khaos Control does when printing courier labels.

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