2D Data Code reading in GRN

2D Data Code reading in GRN is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.


2D data barcode scans via the GRN screen allow batch code and expiry date information to be scanned.


GRNs can be populated with items that contain a batch code and expiry date information.


A changelog will be applied as well as an update supplied as a part of this development. The changelog will add a new value to the SYSTEM_VALUES_NEW table that will by default be set to on (-1). This SVN value will decide if the scan button is shown in the GRN screen:

F12 Barcode button


  1. In the [ GRN | List ] screen, double click on the GRN to open it.
  2. The new scan button will be shown as the above image.
  3. Users can initiate the new functionality by clicking the scan button (image 1) or by pressing F12 on the keyboard.
  4. The button will only work when the GRN is in edit mode.
  5. Once clicked the Scan 2D Code dialog will be displayed.
  6. The 2D barcode can then be scanned in or typed in to the input box. The format for the barcode is as follows:
    1. The format is as follows:
      1. 01 is the stock code. Fixed length of 2 (for ident) and 14 for code.
      2. 17 is the expiry date. Fixed length of 2 (for ident) and 6 for date (YYMMDD).
      3. 10 is batch/lot number. Variable length of 2 (for ident) and up to 20 chars for batch code.
  7. If the item is not matched to a current stock item then a Stock Code not found error will be displayed.
  8. Once an item is successfully scanned in via the 2D barcode scanner the item will be populated in the top grid.
  9. A new dialog is displayed to add the quantity of items, enter the amount delivered, click 'Ok'.
  10. If the 2D barcode contains a batch code, then one of the following two scenarios will occur:
    1. If Warehouse batches is enabled then the batch number will be taken from the 2D Barcode and the item line will be set against that batch, the expiry date will also be taken from the 2D barcode. If the Batch code and the expiry date match an existing Batch/Expiry then the item will be added to that batch. If the Batch/Expiry do not exist then the new batch will be created with the expiry date set from the 2D barcode.
    2. If Warehouse Batches are not enabled then the Batch code and the expiry date will be ignored.
  11. The top grid will now have the 'Act Qty' set with the value from the Qty dialog.
  12. Add any other items on the GRN by double clicking them or dragging them from the bottom grid.
  13. The GRN can now be saved and processed as normal.

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