Autofill for Adding New Customers

There are techniques that can help users when entering new contact information, for example using auto-fill address, insert address value and cutting, copying and pasting information between fields. These techniques can reduce the time it takes to enter contact information.


What is Auto-fill?

Auto-fill allows the user to drag and drop contact information onto the New Customer/Supplier popup and the information will automatically fill in the appropriate fields. This functionality is useful when new contact information is received in electronic format (email, pdf or word processing application) for example new contact or catalogue requests that arrive by email.
Note: this does not work with a text file.

Format of the address to be auto-filled

To enable the system to auto-fill the contact information, it looks at the data and decides where it should go in the following order:

  1. The contact's email address.
  2. The Web Site.
  3. Mobile phone number, telephone and fax fields (in that order).
  4. Title followed by the forename and surname fields.
  5. Company name is identified by the use of company or ltd in the name. This is entered into the Company name field.
  6. Valid Post Code followed by the rest of the address information is then added into the address fields; address 1, address 2, locality, town and county (in that order).
    Note: any word with a colon just after it for example web: or email: is not considered.

How to use auto-fill

  1. In the New Customer/Supplier popup.
  2. Select all the information for example both the name and address.
  3. Drag and drop the information onto the Autofill button button in the top right of the New Customer/Supplier popup.
  4. Check that the fields have been completed correctly.

Insert Address Value

What is Insert Address Value?

Insert Address Value allows the user to insert an additional line in the New Contact popup without having to cut, copy, paste, delete or move the address line that is occupying the Address field. For example, where the customer has a house name or the supplier is in part of a business unit, these values should go on the first line of the address.

Insert Address Value

  1. In the New Contact, right-click on the Address field.
  2. Select Insert Address Value from the options.
  3. In the Address Value popup add the new value, for example the house name or unit number.
  4. Click on OK.
  5. The current address lines will move down to accommodate the new address entry.
    Note: Insert Address Value can be used in the two Address fields in the New Customer/Supplier popup.

Remove Address Value

  1. In the New Contact, right-click on the Address field to be removed.
  2. Select Remove Address Value from the options.
  3. The current address line will be removed and the other address lines will move up as appropriate.
    Note: Remove Address Value can be used in the two Address fields in the New Customer/Supplier popup.

Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo last change

Shortcut keys allow information to be copied, cut (or removed) and pasted between fields in Khaos Control, for example moving an address line into another field. These standard shortcut keys also work between applications for example copying information from an email and pasting it into a customer's communication log or Notes areas.
Note: you will need to be in Edit mode when cutting or pasting information between and into fields in Khaos Control.

Cut (remove) information

  1. Select the information to be cut.
  2. Press the Ctrl + X keys.

Copy information

  1. Select the information to be copied.
  2. Press the Ctrl + C keys.

Paste information

Information that has been copied or cut can be pasted into another field.

  1. Select the information to be pasted and either cut or copy it.
  2. Focus into the field that you wish to paste the information.
  3. Press the Ctrl + V keys.

Undo last change

To undo your last change press the Ctrl + Z keys.

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