Customer and Supplier Screen

Khaos Control stores Customer and Supplier records in the same table. You can control whether to display Customers or Suppliers by changing the setting of the 'Search Suppliers' checkbox on the Customer/Supplier screen. References to customers in this section therefore also refer to suppliers, unless otherwise stated.

In the [ Customer (or Supplier) | Detail ] screens the BtnCommLog.jpg button opens the [ Customer | CRM | Communication Log ] for currently selected customer or supplier whose URN and name are displayed to the left of the button.

Note: The "Supplier" option is used to indicate whether a particular company is primarily a Customer (included in customer lookup when creating a new Sales Order) or a Supplier (included in supplier lookup when creating a new Purchase Order). However, it is possible to raise purchase order and sales orders against either.

The customer/supplier section is comprised of the following tabs and menus:

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