Available Days

The Available Days popup is accessed from the BtnCheckAvail.jpg button in the [ CRM Manager | Appointments and Actions (Diary) ] screen. It allows users to:

  • Select a date to see who is available;
  • Find mutually convenient dates for a specified group of users, for example to arrange a meeting.


The popup consists of:

  • Users List pane: the checkbox next to the users can be ticked before the Check button is pressed and the Available Dates pane will display a list of dates when all the user's ticked are all free.
  • Available Dates pane: displays mutually convenient dates after the Check button is used. i.e. all the people you ticked are available on those days!
  • Clear All button: clears all ticks from the checkboxes in the Users List pane.
  • Check button: used with the Users List to find dates when the selected users are all available.
  • Who's Available On...: select the date and the system will select the users who are available on that date in the Users List pane.

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