Channels 2.0 Detail Companies Tab

Channel 2.0 is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.
WARNING: This functionality is coming in a future release.

The Companies screen allows the user to export of customers and customer data to 3rd Party APIs. The screen consists of the drop-down and buttons and the lower grid.

Companies tab in Channels 2.0

Top filter and Buttons

  • Companies to upload:
    • Upload all items: to export all company data.
    • Upload Specified Company Classes: if you wish to limit the companies who data is exported. You will then need to specify the company classes this will apply to.
  • New (old): to add a line into the grid so you can specify the company class.
  • Old delete button: to remove an entry from the grid.


  • Class: the company class the data export is limited to.


  • Once Sync broker has run, it will load the customers up to azure.
  • Deleting a customer in Khaos Control will remove the data from Azure.
  • Anonymised accounts will be sent up to Azure, but the information will be predefined by the System Values Setting in [ Companies | Anonymisation ] section. Anonymised address and contacts will not show up in the exported data.

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