Channels 2.0 What's New

This page contains the changes made to Channels 2.0, if you would like to see what changes are coming up please see Channels 2.0 Coming Soon.


INFORMATION icon The following new development is enabled by default.

022476: Channels 2.0 - WooCommerce - Add support to send up tracking numbers with shipping details

The WooCommerce integration has been improved to allow tracking numbers to be sent to WooCommerce as part of updating the order status data.


021421: Channels 2.0: Add buffer level to stock profiles

New options have been added to the C2.0 profile such that a buffer level can be set for a channel. If the actual stock level is less than this buffer level, then Khaos Control should send 0 as the stock level to the channel.


020405: Channels 2.0 - Add option to re-upload OrderStatus data

Functionality has been added to allow users to select Sales Orders and re-upload their channel shipping notification status.

Autumn 2020

019916: Channels 2.0 - Allow stock items to force sending up their levels

Channels 2.0 functionality has been enhanced to allow stock items to force sending up their levels to the channel.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

December 2019

019305: Channels 2.0 - Implement Amazon FbA integration

Amazon FbA integration has been implemented in Channels 2.0, see Channels 2.0 Detail Setup screen when creating an Amazon channel.

019592: Channels 2.0 - Allow Courier Re-assess on Import to be respected

Channels 2.0 Import process has been expanded to support Courier Re-assess on Import, as per standard web import orders. This is setup in [ System Data | Couriers ], for more information see How To: Setup the System to Re-evaluate the Delivery Rate for Sales Orders.

018434: Channels 2.0. Separate Shopify order payments to different bank accounts

The Channels 2.0 integration for Shopify has been enhanced to assign a hierarchy to determine the Bank account which is applied to orders.

019455: C2.0 - Make eBay work with GSP orders

When a Channels 2.0 order is imported into KC with the GSP option enabled, the "Ship to address" information within the import will populate the order's "Ship to address".

12th June 2019

  • 018589 Channels 2.0 - Improve Keycode handling to avoid clashes
    • Keycodes have been improved to avoid clashes when used with Channel 2.0. Previously, keycodes imported via a Channels 2.0 channel could be overwritten in Khaos Control.

30th May 2019

  • 00018902: Woo Commerce discount codes will now apply discounts to order items as expected. All Channels discount codes will now be imported into the system as Discount Codes rather than Tracking Keycodes, and if the code doesn't exist on import it will be created.
  • 00018C07: Channels 2.0 Sales Source hierarchy has been improved to use more specific entries. The hierarchy will now be:
    • Channel provided Sales Source
    • Sales Source set against Courier Configuration in the Channel Setup screen
    • Sales Source set in the (Global) Configuration in the Channel Setup screen
  • 00018C41: Unpaid eBay orders will no longer be imported.

29th May 2019

  • 00018628: Product Download process will now strip vowels and special characters to create SCS stock suffixes to prevent entries being too long.

16th Apr 2019

  • 00018719: eBay variation items will now have their stock levels synched with Khaos Control.
  • 000186D1: Shopify shipping discount codes will now be brought in as Keycodes against Sales Orders.

4th Apr 2019

  • 0001830C: Shopify orders will now populate the Net price of items when no tax is being applied to the order, this corrects the way discounts are applied to foreign currency orders.
  • 0001855B: Shopify channels will now have a setup option of 'Ignore Financial Status' which will allow for orders to be imported regardless of their financial status. When unticked, only orders that are marked as Paid or Authorised will be imported.
  • 000180BD: WooCommerce discounts will now be handled better on import to show the expected information in Khaos Control.

27th Mar 2019

017753: Channels 2.0 - eBay - cancel listing when stock level hits 0

Channels 2.0 can cancel eBay listings when the stock level reaches 0. In order for this to work, eBay must be set up to allow the use of Out Of Stock functionality.

25th Mar 2019

  • 0001829A: Orders will only be downloaded from Shopify if they have been updated since the last task runtime, and have also only been created within the last month.
  • 00018315: Order Statuses to Shopify will no longer attempt to send up a status update for child items in a pack, since these don't exist on Shopify.
  • 00018448, 0001849D, 00018364: Shopify Discount Codes will now be imported as tracking keycodes.

018243 - Implement stock download for EKM

Stock items can be exported from EKM and imported into Khaos Control. Any items that exist on the EKM website will automatically be imported into Khaos Control once the Sync Broker Task has been run.

018135: Channels 2.0 - Implement Import Stock from Shopify

Stock Items from Shopify can be downloaded and imported them into Khaos Control.

18th Mar 2019

  • 00017B68: Discount Codes will now be imported from Shopify.
  • 00017B60: Correct prices being imported from Shopify orders when Include Taxes is turned off, and allow discounts to handle this.
  • 000181A0: Automatic Discounts will now be imported from Shopify.
  • 00018338: Shopify Shipping discount codes will now just alter the delivery cost of an order, rather than import as a keycode.
  • 018395: Shopify orders will no longer be imported if they don't have a 'Paid' or 'Authorised' financial status.

13th Mar 2019

  • 0001831B: Improve the stock level sync process to be more reliable.

20 May 2019

  • 018665: Channels 2.0 - Add Action to remove custom delivery options the channel sends back

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