Common eBay Errors - Common eBay Listing Errors

Training must be completed before using Channel Listings.

Below are some of the common issues when listing items on eBay. If you come across an error it is worth googling it as you can often find the reason for the error in the results.

Buy It Now Price cannot be zero

This may happen with SCS parent items where no Sell Price is entered against the parent stock item. You can enter a default Buy it Now price in the Channel Type Values, remember that the child items can have different Prices set against them.

Insufficient number of variations (variation listing must include at least one variation)

The SCS information held on the listing is out of date and needs to be rebuilt [UNCONFIRMED]

Invalid variation specific value

There are inconstancies with the SCS item which can be because the incorrect image name has been entered, e.g SCS:Size=Classic (2 pints) should be SCS:Size=Large (2 pints). The message gives the user a hint of the issue, in this case "Classic (2 pints)" for pictures. (Variation specific value "Classic (2 pints)" used for pictures does not exist in variation specific set.).

Listing is missing required item specific(s)

A specific value is required for the item, for example Brand, see adding eBay Item Specific values. The message will give the user a clue as to what is required:

Listing is missing required item specific(s): "Brand". Please provide the required item specifics.

Not enough stock to fulfil the listing

You do not have enough stock available to start a new listing. You need at least 1 item available in stock, or a Min Display Qty setting of at least 1 before this item can be listed.

SCS Variation item has no variation name or value set

The SCS profile element caption has been left blank.

Source picture uses an unsupported colour space. Picture with a CMYK colour space are not supported

You will need to provide alternative images as eBay does not support CMYK images or images over a certain size. This can be done by adding additional images to your stock items with the eBay type and these will be used by Khaos Control in preference to the default images. Or you can manually add other images to each listing to work around this problem. Khaos Control cannot override this restriction.

Variation Specifics Mismatch

The capitalisation or names of the caption or child items must match.

To sell an item at a fixed price, you must meet certain Feedback requirements and list the item for at least £0.99 or 1.00

The selling price must be 99p or over, see Selling using a fixed price.

Can't list this item due to this error message [1] The item specific Manufacturer Part Number is missing. Add Manufacturer Part Number to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again.

When trying to list on eBay and getting error messages relating to MPN, this might be because of the category you are listing in. Some categories require MPN while others require Manufacturer Part Number.

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