EBay Business Policies

What are eBay Business Policies?

eBay Business Policies are being introduced by eBay and change the way in which you create listings on eBay. If you opt in to the changes, you will no longer have to specify postage, returns and payment options on an individual listing basis. Khaos Control has been developed to allow users to specify Business Policies when listing through Khaos Control. eBay Business Policies are not yet mandatory, however as will all eBay developments, there is a strong chance they will become mandatory in the future. Further information can be found on eBay's help page.

The eBay Business Policies functionality is not enabled by default, If you would like this enabling on your system please email Support

New Listings

When creating new listings within Khaos Control, you will now have the option to specify profiles for Payment, Shipping and Returns. This will mean that you no longer need to specify the value sets individually, whats better is that you can create as many policies as you want on eBay and use any of them within Khaos Control. It's recommend that you use generic profiles for your listings, to prevent the list from growing too large to manage. It is now possible to define the eBay profiles, as a value set, in the same way that you have previously.

eBay profiles

It is still possible to use the previous method for listing values, should you wish to do so, however please be aware that any legacy fields which are used, will override the new profile options.

Checking Profiles and Policies in Khaos Control

You have a couple of options with regards to this. Firstly, you can create a new listing. Secondly, you can return all of your current policies by running the following SQL report in the [ Reports ] screen within Khaos Control:

select cltc.chlt_admin_desc as [Profile Type], cltc.short_desc as [Profile Name], cl.short_desc as [Channel Name]
inner join channel as cl on cltc.channel_id = cl.channel_id
order by cltc.channel_id, cltc.chlt_admin_desc

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