Getting Started with eBay Channel Listings

Training must be completed before using Channel Listings.

Getting Started with eBay Channel Listings is an Advanced User feature.

After your system has been configured and you are ready to start using Channel Listings the following processes will help you get started listing your items and importing the resulting sales orders.

Setup your Stock Items

Setup your stock items on Khaos Control, see the following pages:

  1. How To: Create a New Stock Item
  2. How To: Copy a Stock Item
  3. How To: Add a Long Description for a Stock Item

Note : you may wish to use SCS Element Presets so that the stock code and description of your SCS items are consistent, see How To: Setup SCS Element Values and How To: Use SCS Element Values .

Importing your Current Listings

  1. Create your eBay channel in the Stock Web Categories screen, see How To: Setup an eBay Channel .
    Note : if importing your current listings you do not need to add eBay categories or manually add the items into either eBay as this will be done when you import your listings.
  2. Import your current listings , see How To: Import Existing eBay Listings (Optional) .
    Note : don't import a large number of your listings, test a few and make sure they have imported correctly, that orders are being imported and stock levels updated.

Creating new Listings to upload to eBay

Preparing for Listing

  1. Setup your eBay channel (this only needs to be done once).
  2. Add any eBay Categories (Optional) .
  3. Add your stock items into the appropriate category, see How To: Setup an eBay Channel .
  4. Open the Channel Listings screen.
  5. Double click on the item you are listing to open the Listing Details screen, this is where you configure your listing, see:
    1. How To: Prepare Stock for Listing on eBay
    2. Channel Type Values for eBay
    3. How To: Setup Images for Listing Items on eBay
    4. How To: Add Images to Stock Items being Listed on eBay
    5. How To: Add Images for SCS Listings
    6. How To: Add Manual SCS Variations to a Channel Listing
  6. Once you have configured your listing return to the Channel Listings screen to list the items.

The Listing Process

In the Channel Listings screen the item you are listing will have a status of Waiting Approval. Follow the instructions in How To: List Items on eBay , the process is usually quite quick and takes the listing through various status, see The Listing Process on eBay . A list of common eBay Listing Errors may help you find out why you are having issues with listing your items.

Importing Sales Orders

To import the resulting sales orders see How To: Import Sales Orders If you would like this process to be automated, please email Support .

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