Custom Reports - Online Learning Package

Custom Reports - Online Learning Package

Khaos Control does not offer training in the design and use of Custom Reports, however you may wish to work through the Learning ReportBuilder online learning package. If you are not confident using the ReportBuilder Khaos Control can provide you with reports designed to your specifications, please email Development.

Khaos Control's Basic Reports / Custom Reports use only the Report Design tab, not the entire ReportBuilder utility.
Although Report Builder has been incorporated into Khaos Control some features are not available and you may be limited by which fields are available to use depending upon the template you are working with.

Learning ReportBuilder is a complete learning system designed to teach end users how to build a range of reports. This system includes a 125-page PDF file, a stand-alone application complete with a database, and a help file.

The PDF file is comprised of a series of tutorials that step the end users through the process of building reports as simple as a table listing and as complex as crosstabs. The tutorials also introduce conceptual aspects of report building along the way. The application is used in conjunction with the tutorials so that the learning experience is interactive. The end user just prints out the PDF file, runs the application, and learns ReportBuilder. The help file is accessible from the application, so all three tools work together to provide a seamless learning environment.

Learning ReportBuilder installs into C:\Program Files\Learn ReportBuilder on your computer (you will need Administrator rights on your computer in order to install Learning ReportBuilder). When the system has successfully installed, a complete set of instructions appears in the form of a 'ReadMe' doc, so the end user knows what to do next. The documentation requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

A copy of Learning ReportBuilder's installation program (LearnRB.exe) may be found on your shared application drive in the "K:\KeystoneSoftwareUTILS\LearnRB" folder. If not present on your system, Learning ReportBuilder can be downloaded from the Digital Metaphors website:

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